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Potomac River Fishing


WHGS fishes the tidal Potomac River, which includes Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia. This consists of a 60 mile stretch of the beautiful scenic river, not including the other creeks and tributaries along the Potomac. We fish the same areas as the pros.

This diverse fishery can accommodate all skill levels from beginners to experts. The Potomac River offers excellent top water action and provides challenging deep and shallow structure fishing.

We teach you how to catch bass fish! You will love your day on the river.

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Small Mouth Bass


The Susquehanna River is rated one of the best Smallmouth Bass fisheries in the USA. The average day is 40 fish, best days in the hundreds. Best times late March thru December. 3 and 4 pound fish common plus the occasional Muskie

Upper Potomac River Washington D.C. to Hagerstown, MD. Although the average fish is smaller the constant action gets your attention all day. Excellent April through October.


Large Mouth Bass

The Potomac River is rated one of the best Largemouth Bass Fishereies in the USA. Washington D.C. to the 301 bridge. The Average day 35 fish, best days over a hundred (in the boat). Best times late March thru December Topwater action starts early April

Upper Chesapeake Bay Route 50 Bridge to Havre De Grace, Maryland This expansive fishery offers everything an angler would ever want Grass, wood, rock, and dropoffs. Best times late March thru November. Best top water starts in April.



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Potomac River Bass Fishing

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Potomac River Bass Fishing

By: Daniel Eggertsen

The Potomac River is located right between Virginia and Maryland. This river is one of the main hotspots found on the eastern side of the United States and is very well-known for being shallow and extremely close to the shoreline. This is the type of environment that is perfect for bottom feeders making it a great place to go bass fishing. It contains both freshwater species and migratory fish such as the stripped bass along with shad and herring.


In fact, you will find an abundance of largemouth and striped bass in the 50,000 acres of excellent fishing waters that make up of the Potomac River. Many anglers consider it to be the best place to go bass fishing in the eastern part of America. There are two things that make this river so special. One thing is the high quality fish that is located here and the other is the fact that it is very close to a huge metropolitan area.


Basic Information about Fishing the Potomac River


The Potomac River is a popular area when it comes to bass fishing. Many of the bass tournaments are held north of the Wilson Bridge on this river because it is one of the best places to find the bass. Although, you will find that fishing near Mount Vernon can also be productive. One of the great things about the Potomac River is that it can be a little unpredictable and you can find an abundance of bass located throughout the river just about any time of the year.

However, not every area is productive every year. Some areas may have a lot of bass one year and you will not find any in that spot the next year.


The main river is not the only place where you can find bass on the Potomac. You will also find a number of different creeks that are filled with fish. This river has many types of structures that create the perfect environment for the bass to thrive. You will find an abundance of rockpiles, laydowns, piers, wharves and sunken barges. With the added vegetation expanding throughout this river it is even more appealing to the bass.


The upper portion of the Potomac is where the freshwater fishing is done making it a great place to catch bass as well. In fact, the stripped bass is probably the largest species found in this part of the water. It is recommended that you use a fishfinder to help you locate the bass when fishing on the Potomac River.

It will certainly help to narrow down your search and help you find the locations of the bass much faster.


Techniques for Bass Fishing the Potomac River


The best time to go bass fishing on the Potomac River will be between the months of July and December. Of course, as the water begins to cool the bass will start moving out to deeper water and they will begin scattering out during the month of September. This is when you need to start searching the deeper waters for the bass but they are still there and still biting.

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